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ISPV results for Q1 2012 published

In Q1 2012, the gross monthly wage in the wage sphere as well as salaries in the salary sphere grew. In the wage sphere, the gross monthly wage median amounted to CZK 20,273. The gross monthly salary median amounted to CZK 22,866 in the monitored period.
During Q1 2012, employees in the wage sphere worked on average 153.0 hours per month. In the salary sphere, employees worked on average 156.0 hours per month, i.e. 3.0 hours more than in the wage sphere.
In the course of 2011, significant changes in the methodology and terminology of ISPV took place. Main changes are described here.
You can find results of the survey for the wage and salary spheres in Q1 2012 in the section Survey results › Latest.