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ISPV Results

ISPV Results

The ISPV contains data on the level as well as the structure of earnings and working period of employees in the Czech Republic. The ISPV provides detailed information on relationships between the level of wages and salaries and personal characteristics of employees and employers (economic subjects). As for earnings, gross monthly wages and salaries and hourly earnings are surveyed. As far as the working period is concerned, the ISPV contains information on number of hours actually paid, annual days of holiday leave, other days of paid absence, etc. Thanks to the ISPV, the development of wages and salaries can be analysed not only from the macroeconomic (i.e. from the economic subjects’ perspective), but also from the social perspective (i.e. from the employees’ perspective). Since 2011, the methodology of ISPV has been harmonized with the wage statistics of the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO). Nevertheless, some differences between both surveys remains and are caused by the different aims of both surveys.

Form of Results

Results of the ISPV survey are divided into two spheres. The wage sphere includes employers (economic subjects) who provide remuneration in the form of wage pursuant to Section 109 (2) of Act No. 262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code, as amended. Economic subjects belonging to the salary sphere provide remuneration in the form of salaries pursuant to Section 109 (3) of Act No. 262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code, as amended. Until 2010, the wage sphere was called the business sphere and the salary sphere was called the non-business sphere. The reason for the change is described here.

In each sphere, the results are published by individual classifications. Classifications correspond to the social-economic characteristics of employees (occupation according to the CZ-ISCO classification, age, sex, education, etc.) or characteristics of employers, i.e. economic subjects (e.g. sector of economic activity according to the CZ-NACE classification).

The most important variables within ISPV are the gross monthly wage (salary), hourly earnings and worked and non-worked hours.

Statistical characteristics specified in the results are the median and average. The results are also differentiated by the first and third quartiles and the first and ninth deciles.

Definitions of the above-mentioned variables and characteristcs you can find in thev Methodology and in the ISPV publications in the PDF format.


Since 2011, a publication about wages and working hours according to the sector of economic activity is issued for each quarter. For each even quarter, this publication is extended by information about hourly earnings of individual employees. Publications for the wage and salary spheres including data about wages and working hours according to detailed social-economic variables, in particular by individual occupations, are issued for the first half year and for the whole year. Once a year, ISPV is supplemented by the Regional Earnings Statistics (RSCP), which provides a summary of the earnings level and hours worked by occupations in individual regions of the Czech Republic.

In addition to the above-mentioned change of terminology and periodicity, there were also other major changes made in ISPV in 2011. A detailed description of those changes is stated here, in the Methodology or in individual publications of ISPV for 2011.

Orientation in the Results

Survey results are published in two formats - PDF and XLS (Excel). The PDF format represents a complete publication with results, comments and a detailed description of the survey. The XLS (Excel) format is intended for analysis of ISPV results and includes only set of tables.